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Family Members:

Are you noticing that your older loved one is more frail and a little slower lately? Is your parent forgetting to do basic things, like take their medication? Have there been more calls to the doctor and trips to the emergency room?

There is help

What you need is a plan. A well-thought-out, comprehensive plan designed around the needs of your older loved one. A plan that addresses safety, medication, socialization, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), and that anticipates future needs, as the situation changes. 

Call Margaret (Meg) Kamajian, MS, RN for help with that plan.

Call for a free phone consultation, where we will review your family's goals and your loved one's needs. I will present all the services I can offer, and leave you with a basic plan to get you started. You'll feel much more at ease, knowing you have a plan to follow. You can then decide which services you want and how often. 

How It Works


My Process

As your healthcare advocate and consultant, I will first meet with your older loved one and the family to learn your goals. Then a complete assessment, including a safety evaluation, will be done. I will then design the optimal care plan for your loved one to maximize their comfort and standard of living in their golden years. You decide how much involvement you will need from me.


My Profile

After working as a critical care nurse for over 25 years, over 5 as a hospice nurse, and 3 years as a care manager, I have decided to focus on senior care planning, in an effort to improve seniors' lives and promote advanced planning. I have earned both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Nursing. My passion is working with seniors and maximizing their quality of life. 


My mission

  • To provide your senior family member with the best standard of living that his/her capabilities can accommodate
  • To provide your family with the peace of mind of knowing you have a health professional in your corner as your loved one ages

Contact Me

Drop me a note!

Please call me for a free introductory meeting

Schedule a 30-minute meeting with Margaret Kamajian to review your older loved one's wishes, as well as the family's goals, and develop a basic plan of action for your elder's well-being.

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Payment for Services

Initial Assessment

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Interview with Client to ascertain their goals and needs, a comprehensive health evaluation (Physical/ Mental/ Social/ Emotional/ Spiritual), a Medication Review, and a Safety Evaluation.